In the latest circular of the Forum, it is mentioned that no reports have been received from the circle Forums / Unions, about the 09.00 PM- 07.00 AM campaign from 8th June 2015 called for by the Forum. This is distressing. The BSNL employees are in the middle of a great Save BSNL Campaign, and we can not be lazy or casual on the issue. The campaign has now been extended to one more month, which is required.

When the house is on fire, no body can be inactive or casual. BSNL is facing difficult times. The challenge has to be made an opportunity to improve the services, to improve the financial position.

‘Do or Die’, ‘Perform or Perish’ are not mere slogans. They are the slogans which have to be made practical when we meet challenges. Let us be serious, determined and dedicated to the cause of saving and strengthening BSNL.