Pensioners belong to the weaker section. They require continuous care and medical treatment to keep up their health. It is with this concern that  it was decided that Medical Allowance with out voucher will be paid to the employees as well as pensioners.

But in the name of loss to the company, BSNL has stopped this allowance arbitrarily, three years back. The Forum of BSNL Unions/associations, as well as BSNLEU, had taken up the case of restoration of this allowance, both to employees and pensioners. As a first step, the staff side in the National Council as also AIBDPA demanded that at least the medical Allowance to the Pensioners be restored. A sympathetic attitude was expected from the BSNL Management. But so far, nothing has moved in this respect.

We demand that the BSNL Management should take immediate action to restore the Medical Allowance to the Pensioners.