The National Convention of Workers, called by the 11 Central Trade Unions, is being held at Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi, today, 26th May 2015. The Labour Minister stated two days back that the ‘strike on 26th May’ is not warranted. He did not even think about, whether it was strike or convention.

Anyhow, this Convention being participated by hundreds of trade union workers from all over the country and steered by the 11 Central Trade Unions are going to take decision for industrial action, most probably a strike. The government has so far not taken action on any of the 10 point important demands, that the unions have been raising for the last 4-5 years.

The insensitive government should be made to understand the Indian work force will not tolerate such humiliation and ignoring.

Towards a successful National Convention! Let important decisions be taken for forward march of the working class!