The National Convention of Workers held at Mavlankar Hall, today, 26th May 2015, has called upon the entire working class to organise General Strike on 2nd September 2015 against the anti-people, anti-worker policies of the government and also demanding settlement of the charter raised by the Central Trade Unions including Rs.15,000 minimum wage to the contract workers.

The Mavlankar Hall was full with the delegates from the Central TUs and also from the Independent Federations. The Presidents of the CTUs, including B.N.Rai(BMS), A.K.Padmanabhan(CITU), Amarjit Kaur(AITUC), Shiv Gopal Mishra(HMS) presided andl the General Secretaries including Vrijesh Upadhyay, Tapan Sen, Gurudas Dasgupta,  addressed. All the speakers sharply criticised the government for its pro-corporate and anti-worker policies and decisions.