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The capitalist way of converting full time work in to contract, casual and part-time has been on the increase. According to a report of the ‘World Employment and Social Outlook 2015’, a ILO body,  more than 60% of the global work force are on short term contracts, informal jobs without any contract, self employed or in unpaid family jobs.

In India, both the earlier UPA Government and the present NDA government are also in the same  tract. Almost 90% of the workers are in unorganised sector and the contract system is increasing instead of regular jobs in India. These workers are maximum exploited and even the existing labour laws are violated in their case.

The Central trade Unions have demanded that the contract workers should be paid a minimum wage of Rs. 15,000 a month. But the government has so far not accepted the same. It has got sufficient funds to waive taxes and penalties to the corporates coming to lakhs  of crores of rupees. But in the case of the contract workers, they are silent. Of course, this is the government of the rich, for the rich and by the rich.