The World Federation of Trade Unions honors the 70 years since the Antifascist Victory of the peoples on 9 May 2015.

A high-level delegation of the WFTU is participating in the celebrations in Moscow, Russia to pay their respects to the people and the heroic working class of the Soviet Union who sacrificed the most with more than 20 million dead in the war against Nazism and Fascism.

9 May is a symbol of the great victory over Fascism and Nazism which in the times of the II World War seemed impossible to many. However, the enormous military power of German and the Fascist Axis (Italy and Japan) despite the immense support received by the German and International Monopolies were defeated by the organized resistance of the peoples and the role played by the Soviet Union -who at that time was in a temporary alliance with the USA, France and Britain.

The II World War was a result of the great intensification of the contradictions and the competitiveness between the capitalist states over the natural resources, the markets and the redistribution of the control over the world. (WFTU Report)