Thie May Day  has dawned to  me at Mumbai Airport. This was accidental. I wanted to be at Delhi, but it was not to be.

I had gone to Jamnagar, Gujarat, to attend the the Central executive Committee Meeting of AIBDPA on 28-29 April 2015. There was no train from Jamnagar to Delhi on that day. I had booked a train ticket to Delhi on 30th April, but it was still in waiting list. The DOT having fixed a meeting with the Forum on 1st May, I have to reach Delhi earlier. So I booked a flight ticket from Jamnagar to Delhi.  There is no direct flight from Jamnagar to Delhi. So I booked Jamnagar to Mumbai and Mumbai to Delhi. Jamnagar to Mumbai at 1500 hours on 30th and Mumbai to Delhi on 1st May early morning.There was no ticket available from Mumbai to Delhi on 30th; all were booked. and the charges was about Rs.8,000 more than the normal rates.

I reached Mumbai at 16.00 hours on 30th April. I once again tried for a ticket on the day itself, but again no ticket. I could have gone out from the airport and stayed with our comrades and friends and come in the morning next day and board the flight. But some how I thought that since boarding card has already been issued, I will stay in the airport till next day.

But after some time I felt that sitting in the chair in the  airport till morning may not be easy. I went to one of the Air India officers on duty and requested whether it is possible to get lounge or rest room. Since it is only for executive class, he could not oblige. After some time he told me to come after 09.00 PM and enquire again. He wanted to help.

At about 09.00 PM, when I met him again, he took me and showed me a sofa and  told that I can rest or sleep there. I thanked him and went to sleep. In fact, I had a very good sleep. At about 04.00  AM, I got up, had the morning rituals and got ready by 05.00. I wanted once again to thank the AI Officer, but he has already left, being off duty.

So, I am at the Mumbai Airport in the early morning of May Day. A nice experience of hospitality of Air India. Thanks!