One more May Day has arrived. May Day is the symbol of the struggle of the working class for their rights and right to live with dignity. The struggle of the toiling masses through centuries to reduce the working hours, to break the shackles put on them, for getting a wage to live and social security  – all are included. The slavery of the working class since Roman times or earlier has been removed in name, but even now there are millions and billions of slaves of the modern era toiling in almost all countries. The Child labour continues in a big way.

The neo-liberal capitalist policy being aggressively  implemented in many countries including India, the unipolar system with the USA at its head creating war and tensions world over, the austerity measures being implemented in the European and other countries – all these have created a challenge for the working class.

On May Day, the International Day of the Working Class, we remember the great and ultimate sacrifices made by the working class to usher in a socialist society, where all are equal and every body is cared for.

Today the capitalist system is able to have its hegemony. But history has shown that such exploiting system can not continue for long.  Ultimately Socialism will win, there is no doubt. Let all of us make all our efforts towards that goal.

Revolutionary Greetings and Best Wishes to all on May Day 2015!