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A meeting of the executive committee of NCCPA was held at New Delhi presided by Com. Mathur, Vice-President. Com. R.L.Bhattacharjee, President could not attend due to illness. Com.Pabitra Chakraborty, Acting General Secretary welcomed all.

The meeting paid homage to Com.S.K.Vyas, the legendary leader of the CG Employees as well Pensioners and former Secretary General of NCCPA, who passed away a month back.  The report presented by the Acting SG was unanimously adopted.

The Meeting took the following decisions:

1. Com. Pabitra Chakraborty will function as Secretary General. The next All India Conference will be held in Kolkata in November 2015.

2. The question of holding a Convention of NCCPA at Hyderabad will be finalised after finding out the declaration of the CG Employees Parliament March on 28-04-2015. The SG is entrusted to take decision in consultation with available comrades.

3. NCCPA comrades will participate in the May Day programmes with CGE etc.

4. Issues of Pensioners and VII CPC  memorandum etc. were discussed.

Most of the executive committee members participated.