downloadToday, 14th March 2015, is the 132 death anniversary of Karl Marx, the greatest philosopher and revolutionary the world has ever seen. He died on 14th April 1883 at his London residence.

The Communist Manifesto authored by him and Frederic Engels  remains the basis of the Communist movement in the world. The Capital four volumes written by Karl Marx analyses in detail the development of the society and the capitalist system in particular.

After the collapse of the USSR in the last decades of 20th century, the captains of capitalism declared that Communism and Marx have become irrelevant. But the crises in 2007 and afterwards made them think once again. According to a recent report, more and more people are reading Marx.

The human society has always moved forward, though sometimes for a brief period, it might have been stagnant or gone backward. The move from Capitalism to Communism is bound to happen, though it may take time. History has proven the inevitability  of change.

Twice I got the opportunity to pay homage directly at the cemetery of Karl Marx in London. On this death anniversary of Karl Marx, I pay my respectful homage!

Red Salute to Karl Marx!