The Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations has issued notice to the CMD, BSNL and Secretary DOT with copies to the Communications Minister, Labour Minister and  Chief labour Commissioner. The 20 point demands mainly are issues connected with the Revival of BSNL and a better service to the people.  Support of the people is very much necessary for the success of our struggle. It is for this purpose Forum has decided for the Signature Campaign. Our workers should go to the people, explain why BSNL is coming down, what actions are to be taken, what the government has to do etc. etc.

The signature collected so far in only about one-fourth of the required that is one crore. Out of this 25 lakhs, it is mainly from four- five circles like Kerala, T.Nadu, A.P., Karnataka, W.Bengal, Kolkata etc. Almost all circles have given the signatures, but it is far less than the quota to complete  crore target.

Circle Secretaries of all unions/associations should immediately start, if not started so far, to organise these programmes in their respective SSAs and collect maximum signature and send to the headquarters or to me direct