Minister of Shipping Nitin Gadkari has assured the Federations in the Port and Dock Sector that on corporatisation, there will be no retrenchment or privatization. The Minister was on a visit to Kochi, where me met them.

It was exactly this kind of assurance with financial help etc. that was given to the Federations in Department of Telecom, when Service section of DOT was corporatised in to BSNL. But it is well known to every body that the  government violated all the assurances and  tried to disinvest, privatise and also impose VRS. It was only the united struggle of the workers that defeated the anti-worker decisions of the government.

The Ports and Dock Federations are fully aware of the evil designs of the government and will see that the anti-worker moves are defeated. The entire working class will give solidarity and support.