The inauguration of the renovated P and T House at Thiruvananthapuram will take place on 11th March 2015. This has been the office of the P and T Co-Ordinating Committee since 1960s. Now it is the office of both the Postal Unions Co-Ordinating Committee and BSNL Employees union.

P and T house has got a great tradition. It has always been a centre for all unions of workers to come and discuss their problems. It continues as such now also. It has been the centre where many many agitations have been planned and implemented successfully.

I have four years of happy memory of P and House, when I used to work in Thiruvananthapuram as the Circle Secretary of the All India Telecom Employees Union Class III.

Now the building has been renovated and more facilities for office and residence are provided.

My Hearty Congratulation and Best Wishes to the Kerala Postal and BSNL Union movement and the leaders who keep the unity still intact!