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All the BSNL Executives as well as Non-Executives are aware of the injustice being done to the low-paid casual contract workers in BSNL and their exploitation by the contractor and those who support them.

The contract worker who is eligible for the wages as per the Labour Ministry Orders are being paid sometimes half of it, somewhere less than that. An unskilled worker in the C Class should get about Rs.7,000 monthly including DA. For semiskilled, skilled and highly skilled, as also in B class and A class cities, the rates are higher. But unfortunately, the hard earned wages of the contract labour is whisked away by the contractor or somebody else who support them. This is cruel, this is brutal.

BSNL employees have a great tradition of fighting against injustice and exploitation. They have opposed them, wherever they have seen it. But now, the injustice is in their own home, the BSNL. How can we tolerate this exploitation in our own home?

My request to each and every BSNL employee, whether non-executive or executive, to all the unions and associations, including that of ITS, is expose this exploitation and help the workers get their due wage. Take action against the contractors who are violating the laws. It is a pity that even after bringing hundreds of cases of violation of labour laws to the notice of the CMD BSNL and other top officers, not even one contractor has been blacklisted. This is a sad commentary on the administration. It is a moot question, whether the administration is on the side of the contractors who violate the law or on the side of law and the exploited workers who work for 10 to 12 hours for the cause of BSNL?

Let everybody have an introspection and come forward determined to end this injustice!