The CPI(M) has started the Birth Centenary Celebrations of Comrade Dasaratha Deb, the legendary leader of CPI(M) and former Chief Minister, Tripura from 2nd February, his birthday. All the Party offices were decorated on the day and meetings  held in his memory.

Com. Dasaratha Deb was born on 2nd February 1916 to a very poor family. He studied up to graduation and then started social and political activities. He made rich contributions to the unity of the tribals and non-tribals. He was the founder leader of the Gana Mukti Parishad which fought for the over through of the king. He was elected 4 times to the Parliament from Tripura. He was the Chief Minister of Tripura from 1993 to 1998. Com. Manik Sarkar, is the next Chief Minister. During his chief minister ship, many welfare schemes were introduced.  He passed away on 14 October 1998 at the age of 82.

Even when he was the  Chief Minister, he lived a very simple life. People loved him as one of them. His memory is very dear to all.

Let us be part of the Centenary Celebration and emulate his example in our lives.