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The aggressive disinvestment policy of Modi Government has encouraged the corporates to demand disinvestment of further PSUs. Deepak Parekh, Chairman HDFC and top industrialist has demanded that BSNL, Air India and LIC be disinvested, as per a report in the TOI. He has also mentioned that despite some committees appointed by the government, in which he was a member, had recommended disinvestment of BSNL, due to strong opposition from the unions, it could not be implemented. Now, he wants the disinvestment of these PSUs, which according to him will get lakhs of crores of rupees for the government.

BSNL, LIC, Air India etc. are some of the biggest and flagships of the PSUs. This new attack by the industry is calculated. The unprecedented growth of LIC, the recovery being made by both Air India and BSNL through concerted united efforts of the workers did not go well with the corporates, who want them to slow down which will enable them either to take over or  closure.

The Danger is real. The workers in these PSUs have to immediately start fighting back these offensive against PSUs. BSNL workers are already in a serious campaign of SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION.

We can not allow these PSUs to be destroyed. We shall fight back and defend them to survive and grow.