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Meeting of the CMD with Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations on 09-02-2015

Consequent to the serving of strike notice by the Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations, the CMD BSNL invited the  Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations for discussion on 9th February 2015, which was held in the board room of BSNL Corporate office. S/Shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL, A.N.Rai, Director (EB and HR), N.K.Gupta, Director (CFA and CM), Sujata Ray, ED(Finance), Shameem Akhtar, Sr.GM (SR) and other officers participated from the Management. The Forum was represented by Coms. C.Singh, Chairman, V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener and  General Secretaries of  the affiliated unions/associations. The meeting started at about 1500 hours and continued up to about 1900 hours.

The CMD in his introductory remarks mentioned that BSNL is a big company and this has to be taken into consideration while discussing the revival of BSNL. It has got a revenue of about Rs.28,000 crores and has assets worth Rs. 90,000 crores. While there was growth earlier, after 2006 it went down. There have been difficulties. Development of broadband is more important now. Data has become most important than voice telephony. Funds are required for the same, but taking loan is difficult since we have to pay the high interest also. Investment is required to expand the services. The entire issues have to be seen in this scenario. He congratulated the unions for taking up the issue of revival of BSNL.

Forum Convener thanked the CMD for holding the meeting and informed the decision of the Forum to organise a Parliament March on 25th February 2015 on the issue of Revival of BSNL and gave the noticer to that effect.  He also mentioned about the efforts being made by the Forum for focusing the issue and propagating among the public. A Memorandum signed by more than one crore signatures from the public will be presented to the Prime Minister on the day of the Parliament March.

All the demands raised by the Forum were discussed. A brief report is given below.

  1. Filling up posts of CMD BSNL and Directors: CMD post is already filled up. The filling up of posts of Directors, HR, Finance and CM has been taken up with Government.  Selection is already over on certain posts.
  2. Stop Formation of Subsidiary Companies: Forum stated that BBNL should be merged with BSNL and no separate Tower Company is to be formed. Management stated that the proposal for Tower Company is only to focus on the tower business, but it will only be a subsidiary company.
  3. Grant of Compensation for providing rural services: The management fully agreed with the demand of the Forum for adequate compensation for the loss making services in the rural areas. CMD stated that even Rs. 1,250 crore approved in lieu of ADC is yet to be paid to BSNL by DOT. The Forum leaders demanded that the issue should be seriously pursued.
  4. Procurement of equipment:  The Forum demanded immediate procurement of Cable, Broadband Modem, Drop Wire, Mobile lines etc. for expansion. Management explained the present position. There was some problem with the tender of SIM card which is being sorted out.
  5. Transfer of all assets to BSNL: The BSNL Management was in support of the demand, but the government has to take decision.
  6. Drop proposal of BSNL-MTNL Merger: The Forum explained that until the three important issues of Disinvestment of MTNL, huge liability of BSNL and HR issues are sorted out, no merger will be accepted. The Management stated that no final decision has been taken in the matter.
  7. Spectrum Liberalisation and trading by BSNL: Management stated that there is no bar as far as 3G is considered. But since 2G was allotted without auction, the government will not allow spectrum trading and liberalisation in 2G.
  8. Fix pension contribution on basis of actual pay instead of on the maximum of the payscale: BSNL management stated that this issue is being pursued  with DOT.
  9. Surrendering 1.2 MHz spectrum by BSNL: Management stated no decision has been taken so  far.
  10. Reject M/s Deloittee Consultant recommendations: Detailed discussions took place in the matter. This will be further discussed with the Forum within 10 days.
  11. Refund of BWA Spectrum charges to BSNL for the surrendered spectrum: This is being pursued.
  12. Grant of 78.2% IDA pension fixation: The undue delay in the settlement of the issue was strongly protested by the Forum leaders. Management agreed to pursue the matter.
  13. Implement Cabinet decision on 30% superannuation benefits to BSNL direct recruited employees:  The Forum leaders strongly demanded that 30% superannuation benefits should be  ensured to new recruits. After discussion, the management wanted a detailed note  on the issue.   This will be furnished by the Forum.

Management agreed to issue minutes of the meeting.

The meeting was cordial, but the issues are not settled, since most items are to be settled at DOT/Govt. Levels. Hence our preparation for the struggle should continue.



Convener, Forum