After the election of an anti- austerity government in Greece, the anti-austerity movement in Spain is strengthening. A report on the massive mobilisation in support of the anti-austerity measures is given below:

MADRID, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Tens of thousands marched in Madrid on Saturday in the biggest show of support yet for Spanish anti-austerity party Podemos, whose policies and surging pre-election popularity have drawn comparisons with Greece’s new Syriza rulers. Crowds chanted “yes we can” or “tic tac tic tac” to suggest the clock was ticking for Spain’s scandal-ridden political elite. Many waved Greek and Republican flags and banners reading “the change is now” or “Pablo president.” Podemos (“We Can”) was formed just a year ago by university professor Pablo Iglesias, but produced a major shock by winning five seats in elections for the European Parliament in May. Tapping into Spaniards’ austerity fatigue and widespread anger at “la casta,” as it calls the country’s business and political elites, it is currently topping opinion polls in the run-up to local, regional and national elections this year.