There seems to be a misunderstanding that customers are not approaching BSNL for getting services and are approaching private telecom companies only. This is not at all true. People like to get BSNL services despite the fact that the services are not so good as they would like.
The people know that BSNL does not cheat the subscriber like the private operators. Hence their request for BSNL services. Even for landlines, there are good number of requests for getting broadband in which BSNL is the master service provider.
But what is happening?
These applications are being closed by BSNL after one or two months, stating that they are not feasible. The main reason is lack of cable and other equipments. Mobile connection requests could not br provided as Sim cards are not abailable.
It is the duty of the BSNL Management to ensure supply of equipment. It has to take immediate action for procurement of required equipment. If funds are not available, they should take loan and do business and make profit. If the management can not even provide equipment and ensure expansion, development and maintenance, what exactly is the meaning and duty of management? Taking hefty salary only for laziness and inactivity? This has to change. The management should become real management, instead of presiding over a declining company. The wake up call for the management has already rung. It is for them to act.