The open session of BSNLCCWF Odisha Circle Conference was held at the CGM BSNL office premises, Sambalpur on 30 January 2015. Com.Janardhan Patti, Circle President, presided. About 200 comrades participated.Circle Secretary, Com.Sahdev Biswal and Reception Committee Cairman welcomed all the participants.
Coms.VAN Namboodiri, All India President BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mishra, Vice- President, BSNLEU, Tapas Ghosh, General Secretary, BSNLCCWF, PR Das, Circle President, BSNLEU, Com.S.R.Das, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Suresh Panigrahi, Vice-President, BSNLCCWF and other leaders addressed. The issues of casual contract labours, Save BSNL Campaign and the tasks of the trade unions were all focussed.
The Conference started in the morning presided over by Com. Janardhan Pati Circle President. The union flag was hoisted by Com. VAN Namboodiri All India President. All participants paid homage the martyrs. Leaders of CITU, HMS also addressed.
The Conference unanimously elected office bearers with Coms. Janardhan Pati as President and Biswanath Behera as Circle Secretary.