Today I had a welcome surprise.
To attend the BSNLCCWF Circle Conference at Sambalpur, I was in Air India flight today morning which started for Bhubaneswar from Delhi. I was sleepy having to wake up at 03.30 and starting for Airport.
The flight was not full with some seats vacant. The breakfast was Upma and Vada, which was tasty. Coffee was also served. I had just completed drinking coffee when the middle aged steward came and offered coffee. I said I had got coffee. He smiled and told me, ‘you can have one more.’
I was thinking that he did not know I had coffee. Well he knew. He was offering me the  second time. I gladly accepted. He went, but came back and offered sugar and milk. I took milk powder and put in the coffee. I thanked him.
Even if coffee was balance, he need not have offered me. It was that he wanted to serve his guests better.
This was a good experience. I have seen the same hospitality earlier also; some Air-hostesses giving sweets to the children and caring for them.
I am impressed.
BSNL employees can also become more caring and helping to customers. This will give the correct message.