The BSNL executives and non-executives, numbering about 2,50,000 are in a big campaign to SAVE BSNL. The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations, the umbrella organisation of the unions and associations in BSNL has approached the Government and the BSNL management to take necessary steps, including procurement of necessary equipment, expansion of BTS and other networks for the speedy expansion. It has also demanded the government to implement its assurances on financial viability to BSNL, which was assured at the time of the formation of BSNL. The TRAI has to change its antagonistic  attitude to BSNL. This is one part of the struggle.

At the same time, it is incumbent on the workers to make all out efforts to repair the faults in time, attend to the customers in a helpful and cordial manner, attend to their works in a systematic and efficient manner and dispose of the files without any delay. Due to continuous struggles by the unions/associations, the workers are comparatively better than earlier, including wages and pension. It is only because the BSNL was profitable that the workers got the benefits. If the BSNL goes down, one after another the benefits also will disappear. We have to ensure that BSNL is made profitable.

It is possible that more efficiency can be brought in our work, if we are determined.  Can we just check up our daily work routine and try to improve it.

1. Are you attending to duty at the scheduled hours? If not, can’t you ensure it?

2. Have you cleared all the faults/files/work that have been  entrusted to you today? If not, what is the reason for the delay? When it can be rectified/completed?

3. Have you been able to attend to all the customers approached at the Customer Service Centre? Have you been able to comply with their request / requirement ? If not, what is the reason? Whether these have been brought to your superior for settlement?

4. Whether the subscribers who approached the CSC have been satisfied with your dealing of their requirements?

5. Whether the BTS/Towers in your area is working properly? Is there problem about the range and connectivity? Whether it is being monitored daily?

6. Whether the required equipment are available? If not whether it has been brought to the notice of the Management? What is their reply?

7. What is the income from the services in your SSA in a month? have you got any suggestions to improve the same? Whether you have discussed the same with co-workers and management?

At the end of the day, just make a self assessment of how much work has been done and how much is pending and how it can be completed.

I have no doubt that if all of us workers take 25% extra workload and interest, there will be improvement of the services and also increased revenues.

Let us remember that BSNL and its workers are in danger. Unless we go the extra mile, we will never reach the destination.

We have to SAVE BSNL and we are capable of doing that. Only, that dedication and determination is required. Nothing is impossible. We have made many impossible things in to possible though maximum efforts. Can’t we make BSNL healthy and viable?