Following is the Press Statement issued by CITU
New Delhi, January 2: Centre of Indian Trade Unions strongly denounces the BJP led NDA government resorting to the ordinance route to bulldoze opposition and push its anti people and anti worker policies, the latest being the ordinance amending the provisions of the Land Acquisition Act. The amendment to the Land Acquisition Act exempting consent and social impact assessment for acquiring land is nothing but an unconcealed measure to favour the corporates and real estate barons surrendering the genuine interests of the peasantry and land owners.
A few days back the BJP government reissued the ordinance on coal privatisation. It resorted to the ordinance route to raise the FDI in insurance in the face of stiff opposition from the employees and all the trade unions and despite the fact that it was not able to get the bill passed in Parliament.
Since coming to power this BJP government has repeatedly demonstrated its zeal to push through the neoliberal policies totally unconcerned about the interests of the nation and the common people. This was once again displayed with its decision to hike the excise duty on oil preventing the petrol and diesel prices from coming down despite their steep fall in international markets.
CITU condemns this Ordinance Raj and demands a reversal of these anti national ordinances and policies.
CITU calls upon the entire working class movements of the country to intensify the united struggle against such anti national and anti people policies. It extends solidarity to the struggles of the insurance employees and coal workers and totally supports the six Unions call for strike from 6th January 2015.