The common people are going to face increased railway fare as  New Year Gift from the NDA Government. The DK Mittal Committee which was asked to examine for ways to improve the financial position of Railways has suggested to increase the railway fare. In addition, it has also recommended to increase the minimum distance to calculate the rail-fare. At present it is 10 km for suburban trains and 50 km for the long distance/express trains. Now it is recommended to be increased to 20 km and 100 km. This will mean that even if a person travels only 5 or 10 km in suburban trains, he will have to pay the charge for 20 km. For long distance trains, the minimum charge will be the rate for 100 km.

There is no doubt that this government of Ordinance Raj will accept the recommendations and increase the railway fare. More burden on the people! It is sure that mighty struggles can be expected in the near future.