Is the the NDA Government transforming itself in to an Ordinance Raj? It seems so.

After the winter session of the parliament is over, the NDA government has started issuing ordinances one after another. Three ordinances have already been issued viz. Insurance Act (Amendment) increasing FDI in Insurance sector from 26% to 49%, Coal Allotment Ordinance  for allowing allotment of coal blocks to private companies and now the Land Acquisition (Amendment)  Act  making it easier to acquire the land even without the full consent of the owners.

What is the urgency to issue so many ordinances, which can be discussed in the next session and put for approval. Yes, these are all in the interest of the corporates, big business and MNCs  and can not be delayed as the NDA is committed to them for the huge election funds donated.

Yes, the NDA Government is changing in to an ORDINANCE RAJ!