The Central Government is proposing to invest 15% of the Rs. 6.5 lakh corpus of the EPF funds to the private equity markets, on the plea that it will give more dividend/interest to the EPF account holders. But the real reason is something else. The private financiers have been continuously demanding that this huge EPF funds should be put in the market. Due to the strong opposition from the Central Trade Unions and the workers, the EPFO could not take such a decision, even 5% to be invested there. There is serious danger of the funds being washed away in the fluctuating markets and the account holders losing all their savings.

The new proposal, whether 5% or 15% to be investing in the market, is strongly opposed by all the unions and workers. The government should not be allowed to divert the hard earned funds of the pensioners for making profit for the private companies and losing it.