It is difficult to accept that Com. Suseela Gopalan, the mass leader, who was very close to the P and T trade union movement, had left us 13 years back. It seems that she was in our midst just a few weeks back. But it is true that she passed away on 19th December 2001.

Com. Suseela Gopalan, even before she married legendary CPI(M)leader Com. A.K.Gopalan, was in the party. She was a real companion to Com. AKG both as his wife and in the Party. She was the founder President of All India Democratic Womens’ Association (AIDWA), which now has grown in to a strong mass movement of women. She has been elected to the Kerala Assembly and was a Minister in the LDF government.  She was in the Parliament and took up the issues of the workers and the people effectively.

While she was at Delhi as Member of Parliament, I had the occasion to meet her several times to take up cases of central Government employees and specially of the P and T workers. She took these cases sincerely and effectively. She was Chairperson of the Kerala Circle P and T Co-ordinating Committee for some time and gave guidance and direction to the workers.

During my stay at Calicut in Kerala, many times when Coms.AKG and Suseela came to the city, I used to go to the Railway Station to receive them and take them either to the  residence of Advocate P.K.Poduval, where they stayed. They addressed many of the P and T union meetings and conferences.

On her 13th death anniversary, I respectfully pay homage to Com. Suseela Gopalan and remember the great service she had done to the common people and specially to the P and T workers.

A bunch of Red Roses to the inspiring memory of Com. Suseela Gopalan !