BtRanadiveToday is the 110th birthday anniversary of one of the top militant and revolutionary leader of the working class, Com.B.T.Ranadive. He was born on 19th December 1904.

Balchadra Trimbak Ranadive was a bright student and passed MA with distinction. He joined the Communist Party  in 1928 and also became a leader of the All India trade Union Congress at Bombay. He actively participated  in the Bombay Girni Kamgar union and Railways Unions. He supported the Navy mutiny and organised solidarity strike in support of the Naval mutiny.

He was elected as President of the CITU and continued till his death. He was also elected to the Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist). A militant leader, he guided many struggles of the working class, including government employees. He was married to Com. Vimal Ranadive, herself a staunch trade union leader. Com. Ahilya Rangnekar, the leader of the heroic struggle of the Adivasis and a CPI(M) leader, is the sister of Com. BTR. All of them have passed away. Com. BTR passed away on 6th April 1990.

I had been fortunate to be in contact with Com. BTR for a long time connected with the P and T trade union activities. He had attended the Conferences of P and T unions at  All India level as also in the Kerala Circle Conferences. His guidance and advice in the trade union activities were inspiring.

On his 110th birth anniversary, my respectful homage to Com. B.T.Ranadive. We pledge to continue to tread the path shown by him.

Red Salute to Com. BTR !