The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non-Executives and Executives has decided to submit a Memorandum to the Prime Minister on the day of the Parliament March on 25th February 2015, signed by one crore people demanding actions from the government for the Revival of BSNL, the telecom PSU, fully owned by the Government of India, the people of this country.  The people  want the service of BSNL, as they had been accustomed for the last one and half century from the P and T Department.

How to get the one crore signature? BSNL workers are only about 2.3 lakhs. It means that each employee has to meet  people and after convincing them about the issues of BSNL, get their signature in the memorandum. You can sit near the Railway Station, Bus Stand, at meeting places – wherever people are there, you go and explain to them and get the signature. For this purpose alone. you can have separate meeting of the trade unions, explain the situation and get the signatures. Go to the offices of Central and State government, PSU employees and get their signature. Like this there are so many methods, how you can contact the public and make the issue very relevant. Prepare yourself with our main demands for the revival of BSNL and give wide publicity through the media. Organise press conferences and get the news published. Meet your MLA/MP and other representatives of the people and request them to raise the issue in the various forums. There are so many methods by which the issue can be propagated. Do all these and organise the people in our support. You will certainly get not one crore signature, but more than that.

The Forum in the circle must have a target of at least 50 times or more signatures of their staff strength. Then only we will be able to reach the target. Plan accordingly.

The time is very limited only two months for the Parliament March. Start immediately. All the collected signatures have to be brought  with you at the time of the Parliament March, so that it can be handed over to the Prime Minister.