The call of the 11 Central Trade Unions to organise 5th December 2011 as ‘National Protest Day’ is most appropriate. The Modi Government, after taking over the reins of government has been continuously attacking through its reformist policies, the people and especially the working class.

The amendments to the labour laws to favour the corporates and other employers has been moved in the Parliament. Once they are passed, about 60% of the workers will be out of the purview of the labour rules including minimum wage, EPF, ESI etc. Rajasthan BJP government has already adopted such acts and M.P. Government, which also is BJP, has issued ordinances to that effect. Other BJP governments may also follow suit.

Increase in FDI in all sectors is on the line. Government has already moved for 100 % FDI in Railways, despite strong opposition from the Railway Federation, AIRF. In defence production also, the FDI is being increased. MNCs and big corporates are given all benefits. The due taxes running in to thousands of crores of rupees are being waived as in the case of Nokia, Vodafone, Shell etc. But at the same time, it is not prepared even to refund BSNL the charges of spectrum, which the latter has surrendered. It is delaying the payment of USOF of Rs. 1,250 crores to BSNL, which is in lieu of ADC, and which had already been approved for the year 2012-13.

There is no respite from the soaring prices, despite promise of the BJP that the prices will be stabilised. Even after the global oil prices have come down, the government is reluctant to reduce the price accordingly, citing the loss to the government from taxes.

The aggressive disinvestment process will soon result in private control of many PSUs, resulting in privatisation,  as happened in the case of VSNL. HMT Watches, Hindustan Cables and other such PSUs are being directly privatised. BSNL and MTNL is also on the line.  The PSUs are being sold cheap.

Unorganised workers are being brutally exploited. There is no move to regularise the contract workers who are employed in the place of regular employees resulting in wage slavery. More than 90% of the total workers are in the unorganised sector.

It is in these circumstances that the Central Trade Unions have  called for observing the National Protest Day on 5th December 2014. This call has been supported by all the Independent Federations of Central, State and Public Sectors also.

Massive campaign programmes have been organised in all the states in November 2014 to mobilise the workers for participation in the national Protest Day.

In Delhi, the Central Trade Unions have decided to hold massive rally at Jantar Mantar by about 10.30 hours, which will be participated by thousands of workers.

It is the duty of each and every worker, every trade union, to take this opportunity to participate in the National Protest Day and the make the programme a historical event. The Central trade Unions are expected to take important decision for further agitational programmes.