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Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad and Defence Minister Parikkar has met and discussed about the transfer of the spectrum with Defence to the DOT for auction and allotting of special spectrum for the Defence. However, It is reported that no agreement has been reached so far about the swapping of the spectrum.

Communications Minister stated that towers will be installed as per the present directions and if any compalint is there, it will be looked in to. ” According to DoT guidelines, if a mobile tower has 1 antenna, it should be installed at minimum distance of 20 metres from a house, in case of 2 antennas minimum distance should be 35 metres, for 4 antennas it should be 45 metres and for 6 antennas the minimum distance should be 55 metres. The guidelines say that there should be no building parallel to antenna and height of the antenna should be at least 5 metres above ground or roof top level.”

Certainly the anxiety of the people about radiation from the towers need be seriously considered.