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The BJP Government of Madhya Pradesh is on the move to issue an ordinance to curtail the existing labour laws in favour of the employers. It is in the model of the amendments passed by the Rajasthan Government.

In this case, these include amendments to the Industrial Disputes Act, Factories Act and the Contract Labour Act. Since the proposed ordinance involves changes to legislation passed by Parliament, the President’s prior assent is needed.

The proposed changes in the Industrial Disputes Act would allow companies in the state which employ up to 300 people to retrench workers or shut down the establishment without government approval. Earlier, only companies with less than 100 employees were allowed to do so.

Similar changes were enacted by the Rajasthan Government and was approved by the President on November 7.

One after another the state governments and the Central government ruled by BJP are aggressively trying to sabotage and change the labour laws against the workers and in favour of the employers.

One of the main demands of the National Protest Day on 5th December called by the 11 Central Trade Unions is against the change of labour laws against the interests of the workers.

Com. A.K.Padmanabhan, President, CITU has strongly protested against the anti-worker move of the M.P. Government.