Kolkata, Nov 13 : Lashing out at BJP and RSS, 16 Left parties today adopted a resolution against communalism and accused the Centre of trying to force “Hindutva ideologies” on the entire country.

The 16 Left parties including ten constituents of the Left Front in West Bengal led by CPI-M and other Left parties like SUCI(C), CPI(ML-Liberation), CPI(ML-Santosh Rana) and PDS today organised a convention and adopted a resolution against spread of communalism in the country and the state.

“Due to communal polarisation throughout the country, a threat is looming large over secularism and democracy. BJP, after achieving majority, has sped up this communal polarisation,” the adopted resolution stated.

“The corporates too have joined hands with communal forces. BJP, which is controlled by RSS, is trying to spread its ideals for creating a Hindu Rashtra,” it said.

The resolution also stated that various important educational, cultural and think-tanks of the Union government have been filled with RSS loyalists.

“They are trying to force ideologies of Hindutva on educational institutions. In such a situation, the minority community is feeling alienated and are suffering from identity crisis. And Islamic fundamentalists are trying to using this opportunity,” the resolution said.

“Bengal, which has been known as a stronghold of secularism, is too under threat of majority and minority polarisation and communalism. The misrule of Trinamool Congress due to its narrow-minded politics has provided space for communal polarisation in the state,” it stated.

Demanding stringent steps against communalism, the resolution also condemned the way a particular community and madrasas were being targeted as a fallout of the Burdwan blast last month.

The Left parties today appealed to the masses that communal forces should not be allowed to spread its wings in the state.

“Those who are talking much about religion and nationalism, are they not aware of their credentials and political legacy? Their political legacy is the demolition of Babri Masjid and fuelling of communal riots in the country. We have to defeat such forces in the state,” CPI(M) Politburo member Surjya Kanta Mishra said while addressing the programme.( Courtesy: Ganashakti)