Com. Mihir Dasgupta, former AGS BSNLEU and President of Kolkata Circle Union has given the following Comments to the earlier post on AIC of BSNLEU, which I am reproducing below:

“I wanted to post a comment on the item 7th All India Conference of BSNLEU – 3 in your blog, but failed due to unknown reason. So, I am sending my comment as under through this medium:

“Even prior to the Thiruvanantapuram AIC, Report of Activities and other materials including pamphlets and posters were printed at Kolkata itself during the Extended CEC Meeting held in the month of November 2008. It is needless to mention that such Extended CEC meeting of BSNLEU is as big as an All India Conference of many big All India Unions. Actually, we in the BSNLEU started distant printing of materials clubbing together modern communication and printing technologies from Kolkata Extended CEC in the year 2008.”

What Com. Mihirdas Gupta has stated is correct. Though we started distant printing for AIC Report and materials from Thiruvnanthapuram AIC, we have already started it earlier at Kolkata Extended CEC. I am thankful to Com. Mihir Dasgupta for reminding me of the same.

This comment shows two things. One is that comrades are reading the blog in detail and takes time to make the records right.
Secondly, most of our comrades, even after retirement continues in touch with the union activities and are there to help the organisation at any time. We have got thousands of such leaders and active comrades who are watching us and supporting us. This is not a small matter. How many organisations have got such large number of committed comrades. When we go to any place we can meet such comrades, who have dedicated their entire lives to the organisation and the workers.
In this connection, I remembered a recent incident. At the AIBDPA Circle Conference at Mangalore, I had the opportunity to meet Com. Harischandra Rao, who was the Circle Secretary of E.III union , Karnataka, earlier. He contested against the nominee of Com.O.P.Gupta and won the election to the great disappointment of OPG. At the All India Conferences, we used to fight against the wrong polices of Gupta together. When we met, we shared about the old times. He is still in constant touch with the union. Many such excellent comrades we have got.

The comment by Com. Mihir Dasgupta reminded me of the old times and the commitment of our workers. Thank you Com. Mihir Dasgupta !