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At the time of the All India Conference of BSNLEU at Kolkata, three pamphlets are being released by the CHQ. One is a compilation of the Editorials published in the Telecrusader and some other articles by General Secretary Com. P.Abhimanyu. The second is a write up on the Revival of BSNL by Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, along with the Memorandum submitted to the Communication Minister by the Forum. The third one is a review of the National Council Meetings and Standing Committee Meetings held from the start till now, that is from 2003 to 2014. These books are being published as per decisions of the BSNLEU Centre.

All the books are educative and useful for the workers and leaders. It is expected that they will buy and utilise the same. long with the Report on Activities, a supplement will also be there on the cases taken by the union during the period. This also will be much helpful.

Till Thiruvananthapuram All India Conference in 2010, the CHQ was printing the report and books from New Delhi itself and transporting all the big bundles to the Conference place. But from Thiruvananthapuram AIC onwards, these are being printed by the Reception Committee at the place of AIC itself. The progress of the technology has made this possible. Now also, these will be published from Kolkata only.

Beautiful and colourful Wall Posters, Banners and Union Flags etc. will be printed / made by the Reception Committee in large numbers, which will be displayed and carried in the procession. The Circle / District Unions also will be bringing their banners and union flags. The procession will be colourful and massive.