Communist Party of India has crossed 94 years after its formation on 17th October 1920. It was in Tashkent that the CPI in exile was formed.The founding members of the party were M.N. Roy, Evelyn Trent Roy, Abani Mukherji, Rosa Fitingof , Mohammad Ali , Mohammad Shafiq Siddiqui, Rafiq Ahmed, M.P.B.T. Acharya and Sultan Ahmed Khan Tarin.

During the last 94 years much has happened. The Party started its units in India. The British Government was much worried it took all actions to finish the party. Conspiracy cases were foisted on the Communists and cruelly punished. But this crisis was utilised by the party comrades to propagate the message of communism.

Party had to face several challenges at each and every stage. It was victimised by both the British and Congress Governments.

The internal crisis resulted in the party being divided, and the Communist Party of India (Marxist) was formed in 1964. CPI(M) became the leading Communist Party which became the ruling party in 3 states viz. Kerala, W.Bengal and Tripura now and then.

The party Congress of the CPI(M) is going to be held in 2015 at Visakhapatnam which will review the present situation, the defeat in the 2014 elections and organisational matters. Despite several backlashes, the party has bounced back, and it is sure that the CPI(M) come to the forefront politics again.