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After a long period I got a call from Com.Nisar Ahmad, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, J and K today. I have been trying to contact him for many days. He narrated in brief what has happened and what is happening in Srinagar and other parts of Jammu and Kashmir. It is total devastation. It is the Army and the youth who have been in the forefront of saving the people from the floods.
Almost everybody in Srinagar has been affected. The houses of Coms. Nisar Ahmed, Bashir Khan and all of our BSNL employees have been affected as all the people have been affected. The government offices were all under water as also hospitals.
After the water has started receding, the rehabilitation work has started. But it will take a long time for recovery. Help from all quarters is required.
The Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations had called upon the BSNL employees to donate one day basic salary to the J and K Fund and requested the BSNL Management to deduct it from the salary of September, payable in October 2014. Forum has also demanded the management to immediately arrange advance of one month salary to the affected J and K BSNL Employees.
Let us all do our maximum to assist the J and K people in their time of disaster and difficulties.