Marwaris are generally rich and better of. Many of the big business houses in India are Marwaris. They have got palatial houses and spend huge amount to the extend of Rs.50-60 crores for a marriage. The middle class Marwaris also try to emulate marriages in the same which put them in financial troubles. This same problem exists all over India in all communities. How to curb this wasteful spending?
It is reported in today’s Sunday Times that the elders in Rajasthan Marwari families have put restrictions on big ticket spending for marriages. It says that marriage to be held in the village only and the invitees to be limited mainly to family members. Sweets to be limited to two and the barat also to be toned down.
If the restrictions are violated, the family will be socially boycotted.
The report says that due to the community restrictions, the wasteful  expenditure and lavish arrangements have come down. Of course, there is small section, which is not happy, which wants to show off.
Such restrictions can be emulated by others also.