29th July is a date enshrined in the annals of the P&T Movement and its glorious struggles. It was on this day in 1946 that tens of thousands of common workers marched through the busy streets of Calcutta in support of the P&T Employees Indefinite Strike which started on 11th July of the year. It was the biggest rally, Calcutta has seen till that time. Though the strike was on the demands of the Postal workers, it was also part of the great Indian Freedom movement.Com.Jyoti Basu, in his autobiography has specifically mentioned about the great rally.
Similar rallies were organised in Madras and Bombay. The Indian National Congress, Communist Party of India and others supported the strike.
The strike was a success, not only in participation, but on achievement. Almost all the 15 demands were settled after the three weeks strike. Though called by the Postmen Union, it gradually became a P&T strike thanks to the efforts of Coms. Dada Ghosh, KG Bose and other leaders.
We remember on this day, the great sacrifices made by our great leaders of the movement. We assure that we will continue the same path of struggle and sacrifice.