What are the necessary elements for a successful organisation of the workers?

1. A strong feeling of class consciousness.
2. There should not be a single worker who is not member of the union. In his/her own interest everyone must join the union.
3. There should be substantial reserve fund for the union. Without a strong finance backing, satisfactory work can not be done.
4. Wide publicity to be given to the grievances through the Press.
5. Legislative assembly to be used for focussing our issues.

These are the five main elements required for a successful organisation as stated by Babu Tarapada Mukherjee, in his written speech read out in the Second Session of the Provincial Postal and RMS conference of Bengal and Assam at Mymensingh on 25th April 1921.

These are still relevant. But much more is required in the present situation, where much more complexities exist, than when the country
was under the British.