We are surprised to know that BSNL has made a Master Agreement on 2nd May 2014 with Reliance Jio Infocom Limited on Passive Infrastructure Sharing with the condition of sharing of Towers, BTS, Antenna, Feeder cable etc. the agreement is for 15 years with.
The rent for one month for Ground Tower is Rs. 38,700 and for the Roof Top Tower Rs. 24,900. For the first three years, there will be reduced rate.
The entire details of the agreement are not with us and hence it is not possible to comment of the details of the same. But, however, such a massive agreement involving about 60,000 towers, connected cables etc. is not a small matter. The unions/associations, who have got important stakes should have been consulted before taking any such action.
It is to be noted that the JAC/Forum of Unions and Associations have gone on strike and stopped unbundling and and sharing of towers in the past. We feel that this agreement is a calculated move to give the benefit of our towers cables etc. to the Reliance Jio which is one of the big corporate in the country owned by Mukesh Ambani.