A Message from Mexico TUs

Approximately a month ago, Zionist occupation forces continue the policy of repression and torture against our people in all Palestinian towns and villages, arresting hundreds of people and increasing the number of prisoners to 6,000 arrests. Israeli settlers, under the protection of the army, have violent crimes such as kidnappings, murders and trampling against Palestinians. The crime of kidnapping teenager Mohammed Abu Khudair and his violent death, when he was burned alive, confirms without doubt the brutality of Israel. The Zionist criminal policy is attacking Gaza. Are barbaric attacks against our people, bombing, killing and injuring dozens of Palestinian civilians.

The Committees of the Democratic Palestine – Brazil accounts for Brazilian public opinion:

What is happening in the Palestinian territories is a continuation of the occupation and Zionist colonialism, based on ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people since 1948, when it committed massacres and expulsion of over 800,000 Palestinians who were living in refugee camps in diaspora. Today, there are 6 million refugees living in neighboring countries and in Palestine itself, denying them the right to return to their homes and their ancient lands.

Since 1967 assault, which resulted in the occupation of the rest of the Palestinian territories, the Zionist entity practicing the policy of cofisco land, reaching 60% of the total area of ​​the West Bank, with costruções more settlements for Jewish settlers administered by the Zionist Movement World. Also confiscated more than 80% of water and more than 250,000 Palestinians were arrested, including children and women, with accusations of struggle for independence and rejeitação occupation. Today, the data show that are 6,000 political prisoners in Zionist prisons.

The Zionist entity “Israel” continues its blockade on the Gaza Strip, bombing and practicing war crimes, killing and injuring hundreds of innocent civilians. Over the past six years has waged conflicts and destroyed life in Gaza.

The Zionist entity “Israel” continues its policy of racial discrimination against the Palestinian people. The construction of the apartheid wall is a policy of discrimination that was rejected and condemned by the International Court of Justice based in The Hague and other international institutions.

Since the occupation in 1967, the Zionist entity “Israel” strengthened the policy of “Judaization of Jerusalem”, modifying and falsifying the cultural and historical features of the city to deny the existence of the Palestinians and the history of the Holy City.

The State of Israel advocates immigration of Jews from all over the world to Palestine in order to exploit the riches of the Arab region and the Middle East, contributing to the design of the Zionist movement and world imperialism. The fragmentation of the Arab region is necessary for deploying the Zionist expansion of the Jewish state, with its territory from the Nile (Egypt) to the Euphrates River (Iraq). Therefore, the ethnic cleansing against the peoples of the region becomes indispensable.

The Committees of the Democratic Palestine emphasizes that the Palestinian people struggle to get rid of the Zionist occupation and return to his homeland to build their democratic Palestinian state in the whole national territory.

The Committees of the Democratic Palestine ask the Jewish communities in Brazil that do not send their children to the State of Israel. These migrations mean more confiscation of Palestinian land for settlements settlers. Israel is a military and all its citizens, immigrants or born in Israel, states are required to perform military service. Thus, migrants strengthen the Israeli army and are involved in various kinds of repressions and abuses against the Palestinian people.

The resistance against the occupation is a legitimate right of the Palestinians according to the UN resolutions. Resistance is a legitimate way to win and historical rights and end the occupation, the right of return and the establishment of a democratic Palestinian state in the whole national territory.

We need the international solidarity. Campaigns of solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people in Brazil and throughout Latin America are vital to strengthen Palestinian rights and end the occupation, with legal punishment of criminals. We encourage BDS actions of important campaign. The academic boycott, disruption of military agreements and technological developments are ways to weaken the Israeli foreign policy and are also a way to denounce the atrocities committed against the Palestinians, as did the World Union of Journalists, expelling the representative of “Israel “this international entity, an example to be followed.

Protecting our people is part of the agenda of those who love peace and stability in the region is justice and peace for the world.

Democratic Committees of Palestine – Brazil

July 9, 2014