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The National JCM has already submitted a Common Memorandum to the VII Central Pay Commission. It is a very long and detailed Memorandum covering all the issues. Part II of the Memorandum is on the issues of the Pensioners, including BSNL Pensioners.
Certain Salient Features of the Common Memorandum are given below:

1. On the basis of the Minimum Wage as per 15th Indian Labour Conference formula, the lowest minimum pay should be Rs. 26,000/-
2. Distinct Pay Scale system as before should be brought, instead of Pay Band and Grade Pay System.
3. Ratio of Minimum to Maximum scale should be 1:8
4. Annual increment rate should be 5%
5. Multiplication Factor for new pay scales should be 3.7
6. Fixation benefit should be two increments in the feeder cadre
7. Date of effect should be from 01-01-2011
8. The existing formula on DA may continue.
9. HRA should be 60% for X class, 40% for Y class and 20% for Z class
10.Pension and Allowances of Pensioners should be exempt from Income tax.
11. No downsizing, outsourcing,contractorisation.
12. Casual, Contingent, daily rated workers should be regularised.
13. 5 Assured Career Progression( Promotions) should be ensured.
14. New Formula for Bonus instead of Adhoc Bonus.
15. 5% ceiling of Compassionate ground appointments should be removed. Deserving candidates are given employment within three months of death.
16. Periodicity of LTC to be reduced to two years instead of 4 years.
17. Effective Grievance Procedure to be introduced.
18. Equal Pay for Equal work to be implemented.
19. Scrap New Pension Scheme.
20. Special casual leave to Union activities, sports etc. to be increased to 40 days.
21. Group Insurance to be hiked to Rs. 5 lakhs to 15 lakhs.
22. Minimum of the lowest Pay Scale Rs. 26,000 for S.1
Minimum of the Highest pay Scale Rs. 2,40,000 for S-14.
23. 100% DA to be merged
24. Interim Relief to be paid.

There are many other demands and the Common Memorandum is a detailed and lengthy one. A good work has been done by the Confederation and the National council JCM Staff Side.