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In the VI Membership Verification of Unions in BSNL, two unions, BSNLEU and NFTE have been granted recognition and allotted seats in the National, Circle and Local Councils at the ratio of 9:5. BSNLEU CHQ has nominated 9 names to the National Council for the allotted 9 seats. But unfortunately the BSNL management has accepted only 5, stating that the other 4 names, being members of other unions, will not be accepted. For the last more than one year after the formation of the new council, 5 seats are vacant due to the adamant stand of the management. This also is the situation in many circle and Local councils. The names nominated by BSNLEU are that of members of its allies in the verification.
From the First Membership verification onwards, the names of alliance unions were being nominated. Though the Management did not agree at first, it was compelled to accept the nominations on the strong protest from the recognised union. This convention continued till the V Membership Verification. Thus it can be seen that the stand of the Management is completely wrong.
The recognised union represents the entire workers and it has got the right to nominate any employee, whether he is a member of be the recognised union, of any other union or no member at all. It is the right of the union and it can not be objected. This is completely unfair labour practice. It is an infringement on the right of the trade union.
BSNL Management should come to its senses and take a correct decision to allow the nominated officials as Staff Side members in the National, Circle and Local Councils.