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As expected, the NDA government has kick started for amendment of the labour laws, which was one of the major demands of the corporates and employers. It is reported that the Labour Ministry is preparing proposals for amendment of Factories Act, Labour laws, Minimum Wages Act, Child Labour Act etc. The corporates have been continuously demanding to end the ‘Inspector Raj’, meaning the inspection by labour officers regarding the condition of the workers, implementation of the labour rules etc.

The Central Trade Union leaders who met the Labour Minister Naresh Singh Tomar a few days back have already expressed their strong opposition to any anti-worker amendments to the labour laws.

When even the labour acts are not being implemented by the corporates and even PSUs like BSNL, any liberalisation will doom the future of the low paid and unorganised workers who form 90% workers in the country. Such ‘liberalisation’ to maximise the profit of the corporates and big business has to be opposed and defeated.