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The gory reports of rape, sexual assault, murder after rape, especially that of Dalit women and girls, are coming from various parts of the country, especially UP.These are not only most despised criminal acts but are also an assault on the civilised society itself. The Police in general is casual in taking action and some time threaten and implicate the complainants /victims instead of arresting the culprits.

When there is strong movement from the people, something is done by the government and the Police, but this is too insufficient.

The Government, civil society, political parties, organisations of the workers and all should come together to fight this menace of attacks and assaults on the girls and women. However high may be the culprits, they should be brought to book punished and justice meted out to the victims quickly. A big movement like that rose against the Delhi rape about two years back should continue against all such attacks. The government should take stern action.