A new government is being formed at the centre, under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, consequent to the landslide victory of BJP.

The corporates, capitalists, big business and so on have stated that this is the victory of capitalism and that the new government should reduce the corporate taxes, give a free hand to the employers on hiring ( and firing) of labour, 50% shares of PSU Banks should be disinvested and so on. They will immediately meet the Prime Minister and other Ministers with their demand in the name of development and try to get maximum benefit. This is but natural, when they have already invested in both the NDA and UPA huge amounts towards election donation.

But what about the workers and their demands. It is necessary that the Central trade Unions as well as independent all India Federations have to act fast. The demands of the workers have to be placed before the new government for early settlement. The unions / workers have to be mobilised. The false arguments of the corporates for maximising profit have to be countered.

There is no time to lose. The new government may act fast. The workers have to be faster.