19th May is the death anniversary of two of the veteran leaders of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) – Com. P.Sundarayya (1985) and Com. E.K.Nayanar (2004). Both were the Members of the Politbureau of CPI(M) till their death.
The CPI(M) observed the Birth Centenary of Com.P.Sundarayya, who was the General Secretary of CPI(M) since its inception in 1964. He was the leader of the Telangana struggle. He was one of the pioneers of the Communist movement in India. He was a Member of Parliament and showed how a communist has to work in the elected posts, like in Parliament.
Com.E.K.Nayanar was the Chief Minister of Kerala thrice and one of the most popular leaders, Kerala have ever seen. He had functioned as the Editor of ‘Deshabhimani’, the Party Paper in Kerala and was also the State Secretary of CPI(M). His humorous speeches and open-hearted friendship even to political rivals are well appreciated.
I had the opportunity to meet Com. Nayanar several times and bring many issues of the workers to his notice for settlement. He was always much helpful.

On the death anniversary of both these Communist leaders, I pay my respectful homage.