1st May, the International Day of Working Class, is here again. The May Day is being observed and celebrated through out the world by the workers and other toiling masses. The memory of the Chicago workers who were hanged for demanding and agitating for the 8 hours working day inspire the working class. It is through such struggles and strikes that the working class have been able to achieve many gains and victories.

May Day 2014 comes at a time when the working class are facing many challenges. The neo-liberal policies being implemented by the imperialist and capitalist class has created misery and heavy burden on the people. For maximising the profits, the corporates and financiers can go to any length, as we have seen. At the same time struggles are going on in many countries against these anti-people policies.

It is not different in India. The Central Trade Unions are unitedly fighting against the neo-liberal policies of the government. Independent Federations of workers are also in the struggle.This will continue and will be strengthened.

The struggle to save BSNL has started and many things are to be done in this respect. We have to make BSNL stronger and give a better service to the people.

BSNLEU has to be strengthened and converted in to a militant organisation to fight and achieve the demands of the workers. The organisations of the Pensioners, viz. AIBDPA and that of casual-contract workers viz. BSNLCCWF, have to be strengthened and their issues focussed and exploitation ended.

Let us pledge to march forward with determination and dedication.

Unity for Struggle! Struggle for Unity !
Unity and Struggle for Progress !

Revolutionary greetings on May Day!