30th meeting of the National Council held.
The 30th meeting of the National Council took place today the 23-04-2014. Shri A.N.Rai, chairman of the National Council, presided over. In today’s meeting the Staff Side strongly protested the indifferent attitude of the Management, in settling the long pending genuine problems of the Non-Executives, on the plea that the Company is facing a crisis. It was also questioned, how the top officers of the Company continue to incur extravagant expenditures when the Company is facing financial crisis. Further, the repeated statements being made by the CMD BSNL, to give a wrong picture, as if the Company has gone into loss only because of the huge expenditure being incurred for payment of salaries to the employees, was strongly protested by the Staff Side in the meeting. The Management was demanded to start early discussion on the charter of demands submitted to the CMD BSNL on 09-04-2014, and to find an amicable solution to the problems. As regards the decision of the BSNL Board to form a separate Subsidiary Tower Company, as well as the proposal to induct a strategic partner subsequently, they came under the severe criticism of the Staff Side. The Staff Side recorded it’s strong protest for the decisions and demanded to rescind the same. (Courtesy:BSNLEU Website)